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Question #323 Difficulty: 3

According to the C++17 standard, what is the output of this program?

    #include <iostream>
#include <stdexcept>

struct A {
    A(char c) : c_(c) {}
    ~A() { std::cout << c_; }
    char c_;

struct Y { ~Y() noexcept(false) { throw std::runtime_error(""); } };

A f() {
    try {
        A a('a');
        Y y;
        A b('b');
        return {'c'};
    } catch (...) {
    return {'d'};

int main()


c is not destroyed as part of the regular exit from the try block, but as part of stack unwinding after the exception gets thrown. When stack unwinding starts, the not-yet-destroyed objects created in the try block are destroyed in the reverse order of their construction.


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